Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley situated some 2 hours North of Sydney is the oldest wine producing region of Australia and is regarded as being home to some of the best wines in the world. It is approximately 12000 square kilometres in size.

Drinking wine has become a custom all over the planet. The wine itself has lot of stories to tell in time. And Hunter Valley has been identified as the home of the multi-billion, dollar- a-year wine making industry. Vintage, delicious and tasteful wines belong here.

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The weather here is the major support in cultivating the wines. The autumn the following is not like other time of the year that helps the lush green vineyards turn into a dramatic orange-red hue prior to falling for the winter. Varieties of wines are produced here which is transformed through time. And wine tasting is performed every day here to let travellers have a taste of the several goods. Be warned, you will need don your surfwear on the really hot days as the temp’s get well into the 40’s

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